Name: Josh Lumani, although most of the time its Jolu, Lumes, Spyder, or something along those lines.
Occupation: Garden Center employee at the Real Canadian Superstore/Runner in my spare time. Been in the running game for 3 years and continuously trying to get better. Aspirations of living in a mansion and keeping the party going with my best friends while not having a damn occupation and still being a billionaire. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to support the lifestyle I live.
Hometown: The Forest City- London, Ontario, Canada
Current Town: Unfortunately it`s the same as above. Normally London is a great place to live, you know, a place to raise a family,a place to go for a picnic down by the Thames (just kidding that river flows toxic waste), generally a genuine town to live in. Now we have some hard banging wanna be gangsters shooting the whole damn place up! This is frightening. I`m a runner. I wear shorts smaller than some slutty girls I know. If some wanna-be gangbanger see`s me in my skimpy running attire, damnit I`m going to be shot dead. Thus, there will be no more dream to run down, only bullets to run from!
Schooling: Fanshawe Falcon Alumni, Baby!
Marital Status: Single, however currently looking to settle down with a fit, little brunette within the next 10 years. Blondes are neat too. If you know of any, shoot me a message.
Favourite Food: Peanut Butter. That shit friggen' rocks, I even put it on hamburgers.  Other than PB hamburgers, anything and everything. I am a bottomless pit while in training.  Except fish heads, chopped liver, cooked carrots, and anything stinky.
Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Definitely not Gatorade, that stuff is so over-rated. Unless you're hungover, then it's worth it's weight in gold. Coffee has taken over my life. I drink my coffee black, like a man- meaning I don't put all that cream and sugar shit in it. A simple bottle of water, glass of chocolate milk, or tomato juice will do the trick.
Favourite Alcoholic Drink: Bombay Sapphire Gin- same technique as the coffee, I drink it like a man. Imported Beers.  I get a new mix of beer every time I go to the liquor store.
Favourite Colour: Black. I am not a goth though, those people are weird.
Books: The Game, by Neil Strauss.  It gives you insight on how the best pickup artists in the world pick up beautiful women.  They even wear nail polish, top hats, dress like freaks, rock ridiculous jewelry, and still somehow take home 9s and 10s. It's pretty much the best book ever, I need to get me some platform boots and snake skin pants like those weirdo's. Other books include: Once a Runner, Fight Club, Runner Mags, Sports Mags etc. I do most of my reading online.
Movies: I like funny movies.  Horror movies suck. Twilight sucks, futuristic movies suck, anything that isn't realistic is pretty pathetic. I also don't do movies that are action packed, they fall under the unrealistic category and therefore are deemed as a sucky movie. I like funny movies. I like Denzel movies.
Music: Anything that sounds good.  No techno DJ stuff though, it's weird as hell.  Mostly loud gangsta shit. For a full list of artists, view my "complete profile".
Activities: I am a big believer of fun activities. If you don't have a good repertoire of fun, mind balancing activities, your life could be taken over by movies like Twilight, Harry Potter etc. Some of my close friends have been victim to some pretty gay movies, I won't mention any names though. Activities include: Driving with my loud gangsta music bumping.  Pretending to know what I'm doing at the gym. Going to school, Ha Ha just kidding suckers, I'm graduated. Running. I do this a lot. I put my body through a lot of hurt every damn day so that I can run in races that last 42 kilometers long. I'm talking marathons baby! That activity in its own is a god damn nightmare, the word alone makes me want to puke. But I still do it because its an addiction and it keeps me out of trouble. PS, you're not funny if you say "run forest run", very original, you sedentary goof! Going to the bars. Although this isn't an activity I am proud of, it usually happens because I have an army of friends that are pretty wild and enthusiastic about drinking. A lot of this fun happens on Charles Street. Shout out to Tayler Ferguson and Dayna Ferguson, Dirk Lebretton, Dane Moffatt, Mark Simon, and Pat Tufts for living on that wonderous street. Having two houses side by side has easily turned us into into the London Petting Zoo, and we're all the animals.

Now you know Josh Lumani.

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