running related photo$:-)
Reppin' Fanshawe at the Forest City Half Marathon

Crucified by the Heat- Boston Marathon 2012

White hair don't care- XC Nationals
Meb Keflezighi
Oh man, it hurts so bad!
Feelin' the pain!
Photo By Andrew Wyton and Buddy Aistis

Boston Expo
Me, Bman, Clint- CCAA Cross Country Champs
Sour face @ Burlington Half-Marathon
Burlington Half-Marathon
2011 Boston Marathon
Brother Clint & I in Kamloops, BC

Me, Flush, Rookie Icing after Practise
Me and my Dudes

National Cross Country Champs!

Josh Cox (50km American Record Holder)

XC Nationals in Kamloops, BC

Nervous before the Ottawa Marathon
DB and I lookin' like some Slim Shady's
buddy related photo$:-)

Me and best buddy Spenny B. Look at that stashe!

Radio and I pounding 24oz Burgers in Santa Monica, CA

Me and Sky
Me and Brother Blade
Rizzo, myself, and Berky- New Years in FLA

Me, Clint and Flush rockin' the bleached flow
A little sauced up with Tufts and Cheeko
Drinkin' Gin, Gettin Turnt UP
Me, Diller and Spits- Circa 2008
Crew Luv
Me Tuftsies and Fez 
Cuttin' cake on the Bday
3rd Annual Budday Golf Tourny
Schoolin' kids on the Beer Pong table
Jim Bob Rays!
St. Patties Day
Spits and I at Georgies Fight
Rockstar and LT on St. Pats!

Luv this Chic
Me and Rea 
Bro, Dad and Me @ Steelers game

Rizzo, Me and T-Ferg

At the Bruins Game!

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