Monday, March 4, 2013

Animals, PB's & Pink Tights

Hey Nike, If you want an athlete that can restore your brand's image, call me up!

Back at the old Fanshawe stomping ground this morning. I'm sitting in a computer lab with a coffee and a muffin; caramel coffee swirl to be exact. Many fond memories of this lab I tell ya. Most of my Fanshawe hours have been spent in here, hence why I refer to it as home base. Dane Moffatt has witnessed many brilliant things go down in home base. Like when I would haul around a 6 gallon jug of water with me and slop it down on a desk; making sure I ruined his train of thought or anyone else's around me. Or when I pulled off the greatest citizen's arrest that this school has ever seen. Some typical Fanshawe punk wearing a Truckfit hat and a pair of DC shoes tried stealing a book so I tripped the idiot and had him on the ground in a full-nelson. What happened next was one of the most glorious moments that's ever happened. Homebase erupted and people were applauding with joy. My efforts to make the community a better place were being recognized for the very first time and I was finally regarded for my acts of courageousness and heroism. I brought an entire computer lab together as one and strangers were bonded by the simple acts of selflessness I imposed on the book thief. I will always embellish on the events that occurred that day, and the transition of that experience has given me the strength to win Dane Moffatt's Honorary Citizen of the Week Award, two weeks in a row!  

The reason for writing this Blog however is not to boast about my personable and ethical traits. I've been absent for quite some time (again) and my training partner, Clint "The Predator who thinks he's to good for a treadmill" Smith, wanted some reading material for class today. So since our friend Clint has made me a faster individual in the sport of running, I shall give him a read about absolutely nothing at all. Back at the start of cross country season I prided myself on being some sort of wild animal that didn't give a shit about anything. Most animals don't give a shit regardless, they're just animals that do animal type things. Eat, hunt, run..shit everywhere. All the above really. I wanted to be the human version of an animal; Run fast, eat, sleep, hunt and be king of the jungle. I also wanted friends that would be doing the same animalistic type things and he was the perfect fit. So in the midst of this ambitious vision I had, the Beast and the Predator were born. Now I know what you're thinking, I'm almost 23 years old and I'm referring to myself as the beast and the other kid the predator. And to rebuttal in my defence; we are animals that don't give a shit what the non-animals reading this think. I've realized that you can actually be what you want to be; whether it be a beast, predator, plumber, lumberjack, accountant, stripper, drug dealer, restaurant owner, lemonade stand operator, beer bottle collector, car salesmen, sommelier, or bus driver....these trades, careers, and dead end jobs that people have chosen is because it's what they're deeply passionate about. Some occupations require more out of the individual than others, but at the end of the day it's all about being happy with what you're doing with your life. I know that in this life my family and friends will accept the fact that I'm content with being a beast at the present time because they are big supporters of what I do. I can't speak on behalf of the strippers and beer bottle collectors, but I know my occupation as a "Certified Beast" will give me the transferable skills to succeed in almost anything. 

In Running News, we've been running a lot. And we've been doing it well. It's very early in our training block and we're seeing some pretty neat things happening. Clint and I are running for the BPDP right now, a privately owned and operated running club; run by us, and made sexy by us. The Beast-Predator Distance Project rolled down to the beautiful little town of Burlington this passed weekend. This was my second race of the year, the first one coming a couple weeks ago here in London- The Really Chilly 10k. LRDC had a good showing, with Kyle O'Neil and Adam Stacey taking 1st and 2nd respectively. My pal Johnny Mason took third while I was not far behind in 4th. I ran 32:50 in that race, but my watch also had the course at 200m over-distance..(32.17 on my watch for 10k)...So I was happy with that, like I said it is still early. Clint ran the 5k in Burlington on Sunday, taking the win in 15:30 (course was also a little long on his watch...either we need new watches or these courses need to be re-evaluated!). Regardless, he ran fast and a wins a win. I ran the 1/2 Marathon with the goal of breaking 70 minutes. We had a nice little following join us for the trip, my buddies Nick Spitters *Mayo Allergy*, Tayler Ferguson *Earth-Worm Jim*, and Dane Moffatt *Cheesy Willy* came for the show. We also had Coach Loney, Ashley and John Mason there to show their Falcon pride and support. It was a risk bringing my friends to a running event, as I had visions of them disturbing the peace for the athletes about to take part.

There was a fairly decent field assembled yesterday with some fast dudes toeing the line in my race. We had Lionel Sanders, Gitah Macharia, Matt Leduc, Predrag M, and a couple others in the 72 minute range. So the gun went off and I stayed back in about 8th place thru the first 5 kilometres. As I passed my friends at 5k, they thought I was cooked and would be walking home for a dismal performance. What they weren't aware of was the tactical warfare I was about to throw down in the later stages. We were knocking off some fast miles, but I stayed very relaxed. A pack of 4 broke away quite substantially at 6k and I thought I would stay back and let them do what they would regret later on in the race. 21.1k is a long ways and I knew If I played my cards right early on, I could pick people off later on. So as I clawed my way up I finally had Matt Leduc in my sights who won here last year (68:30). I was thrilled to see Matt because he's a great runner and I knew we could work together until the finish. I think he was kind of surprised to see me there on his heels at 17k and when I asked him if he wanted to come with me he didn't say much. At that point Sanders and Gitah were a little too far up, battling for 1st and 2nd, but I didn't want to slug it out with Matt so I surged after the word exchange with and never looked back. Sanders took the win (67:56), Gitah (68:16) I rounded out the podium (70:00) and Matt Leduc (70:48). Overall it was a good day and I like where my fitness is at right now. I felt comfortable the entire way and I'm positive I could have run a lot faster if it wasn't so windy and If I had a pack to work with. The races didn't end with BPDP either. The beautiful Jill Tereschyn also came down to run the 5k. She ended up having to stop and tie her shoes like a complete rookie in the middle of the race..she's been doing it long enough that you'd think she would double knot those suckers! At least she looked good though, pink and white patterned leg tights were a big hit. I'm sure some young boys didn't mind running behind her. Also a HUGE shoutout to my mother Donna who continues to keep her PB streak alive. The friggen' lady ran the 1/2 marathon in a time of 1:45..completely amazing accomplishment for a lady of her age. She's convinced that I will need an agent someday, LOL, and when I need that agent she wants to be the one doing it. 

I liked having my friends out supporting on Sunday and taking in the running culture. After the race they told me that I was probably the only normal runner in the entire city; noting that this breed of athlete is far from normal. Not that I'm normal, it's just that you come across a lot of awkward friggen' runners, and they got to take that all in. Back when I started running 3 and a half years ago, they thought I was a loser and didn't pay any attention to my interest in the new lifestyle change I was undergoing. I owe my family and those dudes a lot for putting up with through this crazy journey. I have some pretty crazy stories of my past that aren't to be shared, but I look back on them and realize how anything can be possible if you just put your head down and work towards your dream. I realize a 70 minute half marathon isn't even fast when there's professional's out there running them in 61 minutes. But it's all about the journey and years of training that build upon each other. I'm only getting started and I've got loads of work to put in. My dudes often joke with me that there should be one of those ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries made about me. Shit like that makes me want to keep hammering away and see how far this roller coaster ride will take me.

Shoutout to my buddies that just came back from the Vegas and experienced what everyone needs to do at one point or another. Shoutout to Berky for playing lights out on his golf trip in Florida with the UWO Golf Team. Our buddy Bobby who's doing his thing as an Assistant Super at Mississauga Golf & Country well as volunteering at all sorts of PGA events across North America. The kid was cutting fairways at Riviera last week and spotted Paulina Gretzky. You lucky bastard Bob. Then there's Patty Tufts who's down in the Windsor getting his degree and helping out in the Dominican building classrooms and crazy shit..thats Humanitarian of the year material. The crew is doing well right now man, we've got our heads on straight and we're figuring this life thing out slowly but surely. 

Peace ....Oh here's some splits from my 1/2 Marathon yesterday.

Mile 1- 5.12
Mile 2- 5.27
Mile 3- 5.29
Mile 4- 5.21
Mile 5- 5.19 (26:48)
Mile 6- 5.24
Mile 7- 5.22
Mile 8- 5.20
Mile 9- 5.21
Mile 10- 5.19 (53:34)
Mile 11- 5.16
Mile 12- 5.20
Mile 13- 5.16 (69:26)


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