Sunday, April 8, 2012

Curtains Up.

Hello there! It`s Josh here, thought I`d give this blog thing a shot. This whole starting up a blog thing is kind of questionable in so many ways. I read the blogs of professional distance runners daily because they have inspiring, interesting, and insightful shit to say. 

Questionable blog creating Reason Number 1 is that I do not portray any of the above traits mentioned. I am no where close to professional (yet), inspiring, interesting, or funny. Maybe i`m to hard on myself? Nah, that`s all pretty accurate!

Reason Number 2 is that I`ve wasted almost 3 hours of my life starting up this confusing bastard, and all I have is a template, a pretty lame "about me" section and 1 blog post. You could have been running more you clever fool!

Reason number 3 is that I missed watching 'Old School' because  of this damn thing. I've even been googling words, spell checking, editing to make this sound legit! If I applied this work ethic in highschool I'd be graduated from a University instead of having a diploma in Golf Course Management. Mind Boggling. This reason is frustrating. This post will be done immediately, because 'Funny People' just came on TV. :D

Enough Reasons, lets look at the positives. I spend a lot of time on twitter. To much bloody time. I think having a blog will refrain me from posting how many miles i ran on twitter and i can just throw that crap up here. If i wasn't a runner, and kept seeing some @jolu26pt2 kid keep posting his damn weekly mileage up for the uninterested world to see, id get pissed. I'd probably even unfollow his mile running ass. Shit, I keep bashing myself, we're getting off topic.

Positive Number 2 is that I now have a place to vent. Running is no joke. I love running and I hate running. Most of the time i'm in the middle though. This blog is for runners and non-runners. Runners: what's up! We share a common interest, you can come check me out anytime, I`ll share running stories with you, how much i ate, and how mad i get after some idiot honks and says `Run Forest Run`. Non-Runners: What`s up! We share a common interest. You like to party, I like to party, I`ll share my partying stories with you. They can get pretty explicit, if you are a younger partier, i didn`t tell you nothin`! 

Positive Number 3. There is no third positive, the con`s definitely outweigh the pro`s here.

I`m gonna make this shit quick. I woke up, had my peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich. Drank my coffee. Ran 13 Miles. Had fellow running buddy John Mason over to fellow drinking buddy Tayler Fergusons house to take a look at his backyard. Not only can John run like the wind, the guy knows how to build a damn deck. He came over looking like he just swam in a bucket of paint. All deck-building, floor laying, general contracting sons of guns always look so badass. He definitely had that look down to the T. Anyways, John Mason had his sketch book out, his tape measure in full form, and his brain fully engaged in the task at hand. Hopefully in a few weeks Tayler will have a great deck built by my buddy- It`s a win-win for everyone!

I am running in the Boston Marathon. It`s one week away. Thats all i`m going to say about that, more about the race later this week. 

Cheers ya`ll. Curtains Closed.


  1. Beastmode all day everyday bar at all time high reaching new levels each day

  2. Haha, you tried to be sneaky with that Anonymous shit eh. You can`t fool me George, you`re that only person I know that speaks that language