Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lotus Flower Bomb.

Not much has been going on the past few days. I recently got a promotion from the local grocery store I work at. I went from produce stock boy to garden center clerk extraordinaire! I'm really moving up in the ranks, my life is finally piecing itself together. But with all sarcasm aside, it really does beat working inside. My philosophy of this recent promotion is this; I get to expand my horizon's in the horticulture biz. Having knowledge of gardening, flowers, shrubs, trees, soils etc. will separate me from the rest of the pack. Girls like flowers. If I can apply these transferable skills to a relationship, I'm bound to win over some garden digging chick. I will also accumulate a killer tan and well defined muscles. Girls like muscles and tans, I told you my life is falling into place.

Other than finding my inner che at the grocery store, I have also been running some. The last 2 week phase of marathon training is known as the "taper". I hate this phase. Your body is use to pounding out miles and workouts, eating like a glutinous pig, sleeping a lot, and all that fun stuff. Now, the mileage has decreased, I have to watch what I'm eating, and I'm always on edge. Talk about a friggen' nightmare. Let's get this race over with so I can hit up All-You-Can-Eat.

Ran with my boy Clint on Monday and again tonight. He's the man. I think hes more excited about the race than I am! He hooked me up with a pretty legit looking singlet that Elite Feet from Brighton, Michigan has supplied for us. We went over the plan for Monday and I think we're gonna go after a negative split- that's how all the fast dudes have raced Boston. Thanks Ben and Graham for this beautiful get-up!

I picked up my long lost buddy, Andrew Wyton on Tuesday night. Screw the Dos Equis Man, Andy IS the most interesting man in the world. Andy just got back from a trip to India, where he helped out the kids who have flies on their faces. He does great shit like that all the time, we need more people like Andy in the world. He is also a video/photography Wiz. He and his buddy Aistis agreed to take some shots of me running down by the bike path in springbank. We'll have those photos up shortly. Check out Andy's website He's got a ton of cool shit on there. If you ever need a wedding video, or anything of that sort- he's your man. 

That's all for now. More updates on my journey to Beantown in the coming days. Over and out.

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