Friday, April 13, 2012

We Outcheeaa.

We made it, frigg yeah! I'm super jacked up on coffee right now. Had about 8 cups today, potentially a new personal best. Speaking of personal bests, I'm gonna get me one of those on Monday. I just wanna run already man! Boston is one wicked place. It's all old and shit, has a lot of history, and marathon runners have taken this damn city over. It's like an alien invasion here for fucc sakes! I bet the anti-runners are plotting attacks of terrorism right now. I don't blame them, runners are weird. My Bruins are playing game 2 against the Caps tomorrow, and Pops and I are gonna score some tickets after I pick up my bib #, yeaaaah buddy. Oh shit, I forgot to mention the Irish sounding accents these bastards all have. Even the Chinese have developed their own variations of this Celtic slang. WTF. Just listen to this shit!!!!


P.S. If you haven't watched the movie "The Town", you need to do so immediately. (Boston Bankrobbing movie. One of Josh's favourites)

We got to the Westin Hotel in South Boston around 3pm today. This hotel is sweet as hell, we stayed here last year too. They even have New Balance ads all over the damn place. On the room keys, elevator doors, menu's, printed on the toilet paper. This race is legit. No other city does it this big. Hell this is almost as hype as the Superbowl. I'm getting the chills sitting in the lobby writing this right now.

Took the subway down to the Charles River where I did a 6 mile loop on the bike path. Pretty emotional spot to do it- My home away from home is on Charles St. in London where my donkey friends live.There are a lot of fat people in the states. The fat people of Boston are probably overwhelmed with all the skinny people that just flooded their beloved city. Sorry for that rant overweight people. Here is a pic my dad took of me after my run. It's outside the famous Boston bar 'Cheers'
Tomorrow is a big day. We're gonna hit up the Expo. I'm gonna go searching for Meb (American Olympic Marathoner), and Josh Cox. Gonna meet up with the mother, take the trolly for a tour, take some pics and hit up the B's game.

Sunday I'm gonna go check out the BAA 5k and Invitational Mile, do some more sight seeing, catch the Red Sox/Rays game, then chill out.

Tune into TSN on Monday morning. They will be broadcasting the race at 930am starting with the Elite women followed by the Elite men and wave 1 (me) at 10am. You can check out my 5km splits online at My bib # is 749, the site will prompt you to the AT&T athlete alert- Type in my bib # and watch me go to work.  I also want to give Rob Watson, reppin' LONDON,ON a shoutout who is racing the Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday. I'm hoping Rob gets that Olympic Standard and will be able to represent Canada in London this summer. He fuccin' deserves the hell out of it. Peep his blog, the dude is hilarious.


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