Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rock The Road 10k

Damnit I sucked on Sunday.  With Joesphat, Thomas and Terence in the race I knew I had to forget about top 3 and just friggen' run. Even though I sucked, the event certainly did not.  The route was awesome, Brandon Laan and his crew did an outstanding job, the beer tent was glorious and very rewarding, the bands and volunteers were stellar until I drowned them out after 5k, and overall it seemed like a big success for Runnersfeed.  I'll definitely make this a yearly race and I can see it getting very big and competitive in the coming years.

So ya the race.  Like I said in my previous post, I had no idea how well I'd run on Sunday.  I ended my week with 85 miles and then ran the race on some pretty shitty legs.  My legs are so shitty right now, just rubbery shitty appendages that hang from my torso and don't want anything to do with me or with anything remotely fast.  The plan was to train through this race and run it as a solid tempo in prep for the Springbank Half-Marathon on September 9th.  I got out to a slow start and never really got into any type of rhythm- it was such a cock block not being able to catch 4th and 5th (they were about 50m ahead of me from 6k till the finish).  The amount of miles at marathon pace and lack of miles at usain bolt pace is making me one slow bastard right now but thats what you gotta compromise while training for 26.2.  

I rolled through the line in 6th- 33:19 was my time.  Running very mediocre times aren't fun, but they certainly fuel the rest of your training.  I need to get on my horse man, balls to the wall from here on out!  Less than 10 weeks until NYC. 

Let's go!

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