Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 14-20th

Alright so here's the deal. I'm back into the swing of things training wise. I'm also working close to 40 hours a week on the graveyard shift. This means I go into work at 11pm-730am, come home and run, sleep for 6 hours, run again, and then do it all over again. I want to run 27 minutes on the track for 10k...haha yeah right. Ok, I want to run fast and get the most out of my training given the circumstances of these Canadian winter days. I've got until the end of May to figure this running thing out, while working hard with my good ol' pal Clint Smith. That kid is faster than me so he keeps me in check. The dude is injured at the present time but when he fixes his legs we're gonna go haywire.  I'll be bloggin' up my weekly training so ya'll can check my progress.

Monday Jan 14

AM: 2mi w-up. 4x(2x200m,1x400) 2mi cooldown
Clint and I did this on the track at Thompson arena. Clint rocked 5 sets while I pulled the plug after 4. I need start building a better relationship with running fast around the oval. 

Reps: 30-34" 200s. 68-70" 400s

PM: 30 minutes easy.

AM: 11 miles with Brandon Laan. Real solid dude, Brandon is co-founder of Runnersfeed.com, president of Race Roster, Race Director for Rock the Road 10k, and a 2:20 marathoner. Check out his website and sign up for his race this August!

PM: Planned a 40 minute run in the afternoon that never ended up happening.


PM: 2.5 mile w-up (5x1 mile with 1' rest between intervals) 2 mile c-down. Rocked this workout with Clint on the roads in his neighbourhood. It was real windy and we were looking to keep it honest at 5:20ish/mile. We got a little to excited. Splits were 5:05, 5:01, 5:03, 4:57, 4:47

PM: 35 minutes easy.

AM: 26 minutes easy. 6 strides

PM: 58 minutes. Started easy and worked it down to 6' pace.

AM: 29 minutes easy.

PM: With Clint. 2.5 mile w-up, 2' hard, 1' jog, 1' hard, 30" jog, 30" hard, 30" jog. Then we would repeat that set until we hit 8km. 2 mile c-down.

Hard efforts were done at 5'/mile pace.

PM: 44 minutes easy. Tweaked my right hip flexor after the Friday workout. It's tight as hell
and doesn't feel the greatest right now. Hoping I can open that sucker up before it gets any worse.


AM: I had to scrap the long run due to how shitty my right hip flexor has been feeling. Ended up running for 56 minutes easy.

PM: 77 minutes easy. Decided to head back out and see how things felt. Managed to get in 18 miles for the day.

Week Total: 87 Miles

There were a lot of highs and lows during this first week back. That Monday workout was demoralizing. I wanted to puke all over the track. After we killed the mile repeats on Wednesday, I was back on top of my high horse. Friday's fartlek was pretty "meh" and the whole bunged up hip-flexor ordeal is getting pretty lame. Week 1 is in the books, I'm hungry for more!


  1. Some good work there josh! is this your own schedule or a coach derived plan? What pace do u run the warm up and cool down? I usually go out for 2 miles @ 750-815/mile. This often feels ok. Not hard, but not molasses. Often wonder if 830 would be ideal. Just feels too slow

    1. Well thank you very much Pat! The training comes from Daniel's Running Formula- it's a book that uses a lot of science and formula's...We also have our XC coach working with us on this, so we're tweaking the workouts to fit our goals. As for warm-up/ cooldown, I run slow, 730 pace with strides and drills afterwards. I figure if the Kenyan's take their easy days as easy as running 8:30/mile, it doesn't hurt to do the same.

  2. Cool, I've seen those Daniel's VDOT calculators. I printed off some numbers last summer. Seemed like a good set-up and good ratios. /Hope those night shifts aren't draining ya...I find that slowing down to the 8:30 pace is when I get some kind of injury. Weird, but I think my mechanics are better when I work at a slightly higher RPM..

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